Teaching Oppurtunities

The Fellowship is a challenging and incredibly transformational experience for both our students and Fellows.

IAF provides Fellows with extensive training and support throughout the course of the Fellowship. Designed to equip Fellows with the knowledge, skills and mindsets to become successful teachers and leaders, our support is both pre-service and in-service.

Institute: Prior to their school placements, Fellows undergo a rigorous five-week residential training program that focuses on classroom practice and leadership development. At Institute, Fellows are not only introduced to the pedagogical foundations of classroom instruction (e.g. lesson planning, vision setting, classroom culture) and content instruction, but they also begin to internalize the mindsets and beliefs needed to drive transformational change within education. Additionally, they get an opportunity to practice their teaching at Summer School during Institute training.

Ongoing Support:Throughout the two years, Fellows receive ongoing support through a combination of in-person training sessions, leadership forums, as well as online training courses and resources. In addition, each Fellow has a full-time Program Manager who provides on the ground, intensive technical, leadership and emotional support.